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What is snagging?

‘Snagging’ is a word used to describe the process of checking for faults or defects in a property and correcting them before the property is handed over to the new owner. Snagging can and should be carried out as an ongoing process throughout every stage of the construction of your new home, but this is sometimes not viable. It should not be confined to ‘fault finding’ once the property is completed, although this is often the case.

Snagging is probably the most contentious issue in the house building industry. Quality is a personal subjective assessment; no two people will agree on exactly the same assessment for the same ‘defect’. The quality of the finish can often be overlooked during the buying process, but once a buyer has moved in, perceived problems can grow out of proportion to the overall performance of the new home.

Snagging should be divided into two categories…

 1. Functionality – to check that everything in the new home actually works as it should: (windows open, doors close, fans and cookers are connected, taps do not drip, gutters do not leak etc.).

2. Aesthetic – to check that the quality of the finish is to an acceptable standard. What is an ‘acceptable standard’ is the big question – if it looks right, generally it is right. If you would accept this standard in your own home then it is normally considered acceptable. There are guides to what is acceptable; the NHBC have a guide “A consistent approach to finishes” which is used by their inspectors and claims investigators to set down allowable tolerances for guidance in disputes over what is an acceptable quality of finish. It is this ‘perception of quality’ that can cause friction between house builder and buyer.

At Casa Snaggers our professional snagging list service not only includes a report on snagging issues but can include a follow-up service to check that your developer has put the issues right as per our report for an additional £79.

Casa Snaggers are here to inspect your new home to a very high standard and ensure that your move is problem free and assuring you with the peace of mind that the property is snag free.

We have years of experience in project managing our own developments, renovations and investor projects to a very high standard.

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*Purchasers of new homes larger than 5 bedrooms or more than 2500 sq. ft. should call for a fixed price quote.

**First 20 miles from head office are included in the price. Mileage thereafter is charged at a rate of £0.45 per mile.

Further discounts are available for investors with multiple units on the same development and are able to be undertaken on the same day.

All invoices are to be payed before inspections. Those paying after will not exceed 7 days after the inspection date.

We accept all forms of payment methods. You can pay by debit or credit cards, or if you prefer, by bank transfer.

New Home Snagging Reports start at £99.

We also offer snag reports to customers who have already taken up residence in their new homes. You can bring to the attention of the developer snag reports during the first two years of the warranty period.


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