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Why do I need a professional inventory service?

With more importance being placed on inventory, check-in and check-out reports by the tenancy deposit schemes, it is vitally important that this documentation is as detailed as possible. There is no better person than a well-trained inventory clerk to inspect and file a report on a property with the professionalism and accuracy required. Our clerks at Casa Snaggers produce professional inventory list reports to a very high standard.

An independent inventory for a rental property offers complete fairness and impartiality. Likewise, to use an ‘in-house’ service provided by your letting agent may also be seen as biased. Remember that as their client and the person paying their fees, the agents are working on the landlord’s behalf, but are acting in your best interests.

An independent inventory promotes a more trusting and amicable tenancy between you, the landlord and your tenants. A comprehensive inventory report will prevent any unnecessary disputes and will encourage your tenants to look after your rental property.

Inventory/Check-In Reports

At the start of the tenancy, Casa Snaggers will carry out inventory checks, document and photograph the cleanliness and condition of the property whilst ensuring the inventory checklist is correct. If there is no tenancy inventory checklist then we would suggest you take full advantage of our range of services and ensure an inventory/check-in is undertaken.

The tenancy inventory checklist is a complete record of decoration, fixtures/fittings and furniture content. Carried out by one of our inventory clerks, the report will list each and every item that makes up the property. Casa Snaggers will ensure the condition of the property and all its contents are recorded systematically.

At check-in the inventory clerk will record and photograph the utility meter readings and the exchange of keys. Both tenant and clerk will approve and sign the final report.

Check-Out Reports

A check out report is essential at the end of the tenancy, using the check-in report. We record and photograph any inconsistencies in the condition and cleanliness of the property and its contents.

This is one of the most important parts of our property inventory services. Our clerk will determine and clearly record if the tenant is responsible for any damages, deterioration or whether it is fair wear and tear.

A Casa Snaggers clerk and tenant will agree the accuracy and sign the check-out report.

Our inventory clerk will collect the keys from the tenant and return them to the landlord/agent along with the documents and photographs of the final utility meter readings.

First 20 miles from head office are included in the price. Mileage thereafter is charged at a rate of £0.45 per mile.

All invoices are to be payed before inspections. Those paying after will not exceed 7 days after the inspection date.

We accept all forms of payment methods. You can pay by debit or credit cards, or if you prefer, by bank transfer.


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Pricing starts at £59

We also offer check in, mid term and check out services.

Feel free to contact us for further information or a quotation.

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