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On this page you will find helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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When is the best time to get this done?

Ideally you would engage us somewhere between last fixtures and final payment. Your builder is legally required to put right any snags that are identified to him/her.

How long does the inspection take?

It all depends on the size of your property. The smallest of building works may take 2 hours and an extensive extension may take 3-4 hours. At Casa Snaggers we pride ourselves in high quality and the inspections can run over the estimated times at NO extra cost.


I have mentioned to my builder that I am thinking of getting a professional snagging inspection undertaken and they have told me it’s a waste of money. Is this true?

Never accept the builder doing his/her own snagging! Be very wary of anyone trying to discourage you from getting an independent inspection done. If they try to encourage you not to do this, ask yourself why do they not want me to get this done? What are they worried about you uncovering? It’s your hard earned money that you are about to give them and you want to make sure that the quality of works is to a high standard.

How do I know if the builder has put everything right in your report?

We offer a return service which includes an inspection after the work is complete to check that the work has been undertaken. The additional cost for this final inspection is £79.

What if further issues arise after your visit?

Try and tie your builder into a contract that stipulates a guarantee (generally 2 years like new builds). We offer heavily discounted rates for return users if further matters appear after our visit, or indeed if during the process of completing the snags further issues are caused by the builder.



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