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On this page you will find helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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When is the best time to get this done?

Ideally you would engage us somewhere between exchange on the property and completing the purchase. This puts more pressure on the developer as they are anxious to get you committed to purchasing and would not want the sale to fall through. Most warranties from the NHBC, Zurich or Premier guarantee to put right any defects within 2 years of the completion stage of your purchase. Your developer is legally required to put right any snags that are identified within this warranty period.

How long does the inspection take?

It all depends on the size of your property but to properly inspect an average three-bedroom property it should take around 3-4 hours to do it thoroughly. At Casa Snaggers we believe in high quality so that means we will leave no stone unturned.

I have mentioned to my developer that I am thinking of getting a professional snagging inspection undertaken and they have told me it’s a waste of money. Is this true?

Be very wary of anyone trying to dissuade you from getting this done. Why should they be concerned!? If they try to encourage you not to do this, ask yourself why do they NOT want me to get this done? What are they worried about you uncovering? Over a third of all newly built properties in the UK have between 100 and 200 defects. Many are serious defects and would only be recognisable to a professional’s eye.

Can I claim back the money I spend on this service from the developer?

Usually not, but if this is undertaken before completion you may be able to negotiate something with the seller.

How do I know if the builder has put everything right in your report?

We offer a return service which includes an inspection after the work is complete to check that the work has been undertaken. The additional cost for this final inspection is £79.

What if further issues arise after your visit?

You can submit as many snagging lists as you like within the warranty period (usually 2 years). We offer heavily discounted rates for return users if further matters appear after our visit, or indeed if during the process of completing the snags further issues are caused by the builder.


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